Royal LePage Kamloops Real Estate


Why use a REALTOR

Why-use-a-realtor-imageA REALTOR­­® WILL:

  • Respond honestly and accurately to all questions.
  • Search all available properties – listed, for-sale-by-owner, foreclosures, and new construction – for homes appropriate to the buyer’s needs and wants.
  • Show suitable homes, specifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provide guidance on best property values.
  • Advise on local requirements for professional property inspection and warranties.
  • Provide information and estimates for any services requested.
  • Arrange for property inspection.
  • Confirm that needed corrections or repairs to the property have been completed.
  • Research and analyze comparative financial data on neighbouring properties.
  • Offer broker opinions on value of properties under consideration.
  • Analyze mortgage loan terms from multiple lenders and advise on the most favourable.
  • Consult on appropriate offers to purchase.
  • Submit offers promptly.
  • Consult on counteroffers.
  • Assist in choosing the closing authority.